A simple rsyncd container.

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Simple rsync server running in a docker container

This is based off of https://github.com/bfosberry/rsync with a few
modifications, such as starting from an 'alpine' image rather than an 'ubuntu'

This is meant to be a temporary, disposable rsync storage. Do *NOT* use for
backups. Unless you properly mount the '/data' volume, of course.

You can also this container to link against other containers.


Launch the container via docker:

docker run -d -p 873 lertsenem/rsync-server


By default, rsync server accepts a connection only from + and
+ for security reasons. You can override this behaviour via the
+ALLOW+ environment variable, like this:

$ docker run -d -p 873 -e ALLOW=' x.x.x.x/y' lertsenem/rsync-server

Use the +USERNAME+ and +PASSWORD+ environment variable to set a user and a
password for the rsync server.