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  Lertsenem 4a1accf676 Less infos in logs 3 years ago
  Lertsenem cf5ac9730d More infos in logs 3 years ago
  Lertsenem ec76377e7c Adding more try/catch to avoid errors in tweets 3 years ago
  Lertsenem 518c5b8ffc Timezone are hell 3 years ago
  Lertsenem fa55ec7a01 Adding mor info to logs 3 years ago
  Lertsenem 9e648b872c Adding default 0 value for verbosity 3 years ago
  Lertsenem 897768e1f0 Adding try/catch as error workaround 3 years ago
  Lertsenem ab9fc06e1a Forgot to decode bytes to ascii 4 years ago
  Lertsenem f0f395548e Import base64 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 20ae5ed17f Try to update PP 4 years ago
  Lertsenem a7f786b7d3 Forgot to update lastweet in case of RT 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 83b7b48535 Typo 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 03289f6b23 Better tweet date checking 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 7af32934ac Correcting RT check 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 1c1b6b7e43 Correction: access_token is in user, not data 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 3201ab4840 Docker entry point permissions 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 7a67b1219c Typo 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 5370154263 Correctly decode RSS feed before parsing 4 years ago
  Lertsenem e1ebe2e0e8 parse timestamp as utc 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 0dc26b869d Using directly twitrssme perl script 4 years ago
  Lertsenem b5f2f6c317 Small mistakes 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 4b6852db3f Update gitignore 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 8c9e6598a3 Adding twitrssme as submodule 4 years ago
  Lertsenem ac8c3fd15a Adding pycolog as submodule 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 071f137e93 Adding dockerfiles 4 years ago
  Lertsenem c4a14134d8 App id and access tokens saved in data 4 years ago
  Lertsenem c5cab4849c Adding tweet source url to toot 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 0de68b0ab8 Update to gitignore 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 5915ec9e6e Adding --no-old-tweets flag 4 years ago
  Lertsenem 5f9dff8435 Rename register_app() -> register() 4 years ago