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  Lertsenem 2210464e75 Add a nopost argument 1 year ago
  Lertsenem b64bcec17a Change a check in toots list type 1 year ago
  Lertsenem adcb01bfbc Corrections to blacklisting 5 years ago
  Lertsenem 09f160fad3 Don't forget to save data after black/whitelisting 5 years ago
  Lertsenem 25280b4890 Stupid typo 5 years ago
  Lertsenem 5eda548843 Addign blacklists and whitelists functions 5 years ago
  Lertsenem d3ca72719c Removing quotes in config files 6 years ago
  Lertsenem cc4cf55c1c Adding __pycache__ to gitignore 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 401552ef03 Better custom function for showoffhourbot 6 years ago
  Lertsenem acc5738f8e Adding import custom 6 years ago
  Lertsenem b7c2d62476 Change to rules: adressed <-> answered 6 years ago
  Lertsenem d0d537dcec Bot config correction 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 8477be45ca Adding python-daemon requirement 6 years ago
  Lertsenem e965befd78 Log at data save: info->debug 6 years ago
  Lertsenem d6f5c5ff6e Error reading data 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 15632caad0 Adding requirements 6 years ago
  Lertsenem c6b27a84f9 Adding MIT license 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 69b7337960 Adding custom function for showoffhourbot 6 years ago
  Lertsenem fe1d9867a7 Indent aesthetic 6 years ago
  Lertsenem e61a68b88d Rename to 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 582fbad229 Checking that we are not talking to ourselves 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 4cff7554cd Revamp showoffhourbot config 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 4a7b08082b Adding showoffhourbot basic configuration 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 81f3c0ec8c Adding .data to gitignore 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 991511e697 Adding action rules 6 years ago
  Lertsenem bb7c0ab5c7 Working proptotype 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 9630bb0c77 New bot.conf 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 229c431c03 Mistake on instance url 6 years ago
  Lertsenem 68f056d17a Converting to daemon 6 years ago
  Lertsenem aae394cf46 Error on class property 6 years ago