Automatic local-result image file generation for SSBU

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A local-results generator for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.


$> lokrez -t [] top8 [tournament-slug-or-id]

The resulting outputs will be in +tournament-slug.lkrz+ (text version) and
+tournament-slug.svg+ (image version).

Use the +--help+ option for further details.


=== Modules
- *appdirs* is needed to find the right emplacements for config, cache and data
files according to the OS ;
- *jinja2* is needed for templating ;
- *requests* is needed for HTTP(s) requests ;
- *cairosvg* can be used for some rasterized exports (see corresponding

=== Templates
The *rebootlyonXXX* templates needs the *Impact* font (available by default on
Windows, install +ttf-mscorefonts-installer+ on Ubuntu or Debian).

The *rebootlyon2020* template also need the *Gobold Regular* font, available at (free for personnal use).

=== Exports
The default and preferred output format is *SVG*.

You can also export to *PNG*, *PDF* and *PS* by using the corresponding
extension in the filename supplied to +--outfile+. Those exports are based on
the *SVG* output.

To export in *PNG*, lokrez will first try to use *Inkscape* command line. If
that fails (inkscape is not installed, or lokrez can't find it in your PATH),
it will try to use the *cairosvg* module (which can create artefacts for some
SVG objects).

To export in *PDF* or *PS*, lokrez will try to use the *cairosvg* module.

=== Images
The SSBU characters images are not included (since this is both copyrighted
work and a lot of heavy bitmaps). The +init+ command is designed to download
them for you and rename them according to lokrez expectations. Use it with
+lokrez init ssbu+. Then you can go make yourself a cup of coffee or two,
because that's about 3G you're going to download.

By default, the images are

For reference, the images names look like :


- +charactername+ is the character name (see <<_SSBU_charaappendix for valid names)
- +formatnumber+ indicates what kind of image it is
* +0+ is a 128x128 head crop
* +1+ is a 512x512 bust crop
* +2+ is the stock icon
* +3+ is a large bust crop
* +4+ is the ingame portrait
* +5+ is the full image
* +6+ is the 512x256 eyes crop
* +7+ is a ?x300 upper bust crop
- +skinnumber+ indicates the character skin (00 being the default)


=== SSBU Characters names
These are the string used to name SSBU characters.

- +banjo & kazooie+
- +bayonetta+
- +bowser+
- +bowser jr+
- +byleth+
- +captain falcon+
- +charizard+
- +chrom+
- +cloud+
- +corrin+
- +daisy+
- +dark pit+
- +dark samus+
- +diddy kong+
- +donkey kong+
- +dr mario+
- +duck hunt+
- +falco+
- +fox+
- +ganondorf+
- +greninja+
- +hero+
- +ice climbers+
- +ike+
- +incineroar+
- +inkling+
- +isabelle+
- +ivysaur+
- +jigglypuff+
- +joker+
- +ken+
- +king dedede+
- +king k rool+
- +kirby+
- +link+
- +little mac+
- +lucario+
- +lucas+
- +lucina+
- +luigi+
- +mario+
- +marth+
- +mega man+
- +meta knight+
- +mewtwo+
- +min min+
- +mr game and watch+
- +ness+
- +olimar+
- +pac-man+
- +palutena+
- +peach+
- +pichu+
- +pikachu+
- +piranha plant+
- +pit+
- +pokemon trainer+
- +richter+
- +ridley+
- +rob+
- +robin+
- +rosalina and luma+
- +roy+
- +ryu+
- +samus+
- +sheik+
- +shulk+
- +simon+
- +snake+
- +sonic+
- +squirtle+
- +terry+
- +toon link+
- +villager+
- +wario+
- +wii fit trainer+
- +wolf+
- +yoshi+
- +young link+
- +zelda+
- +zero suit samus+